Fully Charged...
The Lady Chargers are hard to beat!
What We Believe

Edison High School girl's basketball is a program devoted to assisting competitive young female athletes who possess a sincere passion for the game.
We strive to instill the importance of a team while also improving their individual skills.
The girls will learn life lessons that they can take with them and implement in whatever path they pursue in life.

The Girl’s Basketball Program at Edison High School is a program built on Family.  The basketball program will provide an enjoyable, moral, and positive team experience for our student athletes. 

Our basketball program strives to achieve the following goals:
To establish an environment where the student athletes can enjoy the game of basketball.  (Fun)
To encourage the moral development of the student athletes through honesty, integrity, and a learned respect for each other, their opponents, and all authority figures.  (Moral Development)
To teach the game of basketball in a positive, encouraging manner.  (Positive)
To create and maintain a team understanding for the players in the program.  (Team)
To maximize the potential of each team through a commitment to excellence, sacrifice, and striving for goals.  (Hard Work)
  1. Unity
    A unified team that works together, plays together and sweats together can achieve anything. With teamwork, the possibilities are endless.
  2. Focus
    Edison Girls' Basketball demands focus from its Charger Family. We are charged with upholding a strong tradition of successful athletics at Edison High School and intend to stay focused to keep our reputation positive.
  3. Commitment
    Our players, coaches and parents are committed to Edison Girls' Basketball. We are always looking for ways to improve the experience for our girls as well as for the school we love.
Meet Our Coaches
Our coaches work tirelessly to condition, train, support and guide our players. Their commitment and dedication is why the players in the Edison Girls' Basketball program have continued success both on and off the court.